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A Novel by Rachelle Lion **Coming Soon**


Book summary:

The conflict that wages inside is masked by an exceptional intelligence hidden beneath and behind an unruly curly, red mane and piercing green eyes. These unique cultural features are just as out of place as the desires that propelled her to traverse the globe to document the lives of hardworking women and children negotiating the ravages of poverty and war. But when her professional and personal life collide she is forced to confront the unimagined violence of a past shaped by her parents’ addictions. She finds some solace reliving experiences from Kinshasa, her father’s letters from prison, the safety net of her four brothers, and an uncle who stepped in to care for her after surviving the neglect and abuse of her mother. Not surprisingly, she struggles to find the strength to relinquish an abrasive, unconventional nature and surrender to a sanctuary in a hostile world morbidly obsessed with beauty, race, culture and status. This story is a fictional account of a young woman who stands at the intersection of anger, resentment, curiosity, and a longing to be cherished as she finds her peace in life...